Create a job posting

There are two ways to create a job: either from scratch, or from an existing template.
First, you need to click on the “Add job” button in the  menu on top of the page.

You’ll be directed to following screen, where you’ll select one of the two options: From a template vs. From scratch

1. Create a job from scratch

By clicking on the “Start” button of the “From scratch” section, you’ll be directed to the following screen. You’ll then be able to create a new job by providing the basic information (title, start dat, salaries, etc.).
You can also specify the recruiter of this job as well as the hiring manager and the underlying department.
You can create job descriptions in different languages. To do, you simply need to check the “Multilingual” box and sections in all available languages will be displayed.

Once done, you simply click on the “Save” button and your job will be created.
2. Create a job from a template

In the “From scratch” section, select a template from the dropdown menu then select the type of the contract. By clicking on the “Create” button, you’ll be directed to the job page of the underlying job template. The template has already all the job fields populated. You can override them if need be.

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