Going further with the application

Search Filters for Candidates, Jobs and Clients

In order to get faster to the information that you want to look at, you can save your filters in order to reuse them later. This feature is available on every section of the application : Candidates, Jobs and Clients.

  1. Go to the section where you want to create a filter
  2. Build the filter using filter menu
  3. Click on the “Save filter” button at the bottom of the filter list
  4. A popup will appear to ask you to give a name to your filter.
  5. Click on “Save,” and you’ll filter will be create
  6. To reuse it, you need to click on the “Select save filter” button
  7. A popup with all your saved filters will appear. You just have to click on the filter you want to use to apply it immediately.

To go further:

You can also quickly access to your filters from the menu in the top of the page of each section (Candidates, Jobs, and Clients).

To do so, you simply need to select the “Favorite” checkbox to select those filters that you want to add to the menu.

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