Knowledge Base

We're here for you. Help and advice for getting the most of Nextal Solutions

Getting Started

Let's look at the basic feature that you need to master to enjoy using Nextal. Updating your password, changing your name or creating a job posting should not be an issue but let us show you how to do it.

Going further with the application

Now that you master the basic feature it is time to have a look to the more powerful tools that Nextal have to offer. From sourcing to texting you candidate find out everything that will improve your time to hire.


Feature that only administrator of a domain is able to do. Creating a user, changing your career website configuration or updating your account profile. This is also where you can setup email templates and job templates.

Account Customization

Create or update your email template, create or update your job template or change your logo is the thing that you want to learn about ? Click here and we will tell you all about it.

Initial Import and Migration

You already have candidate in your inbox or you already have a folder filled with CV don't worry you can upload all of your data in a matter of minutes. And if you already have an ATS you can migrate even faster if it is part of our integrated lists